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Exhibits in Development

At Overland Exhibits, our goal is to build exhibits that are high in impact and low in cost and energy. We aim to tell “stories worth seeing.” Here are a few of the exhibits that we have in development:

America's Flyways traveling exhibit

America's Flyways

During 2019, Overland Traveling Exhibits will be rolling out a series of traveling exhibits examining America’s Flyways — the migratory paths that birds take across Mexico, through the continental United States, and in many cases, on to the far northern reaches of Alaska and Canada. Each individual Flyway will be made available as a stand-alone exhibit. Flyway exhibits also work together, so can rent one, two, three, or all four Flyways exhibits once they are available!

The Last Word traveling exhibit

The Last Word

The Story of Five Great American Cocktails

Through an investigation of the cultural milieus that inspired the rise, fall and rediscovery of the cocktail, and including interviews with the mixologists, historians and enthusiasts that helped repopularize these drinks, The Last Word: The Story of Five Great American Cocktails will use five quintessential drinks as a lens to examine the cultural phenomena that led to the invention, popularization, ebb and rediscovery of cocktails as an American art form.

A Higher Calling traveling exhibit

A Higher Calling

Hallucinogens, Volunteerism, and Service to the Church

In the 1940s and 1950s, young men and women from peace churches across the United States voluntarily participated in studies on the effects of hallucinogenic drugs on the mind. The tests could be painful, terrifying, or enlightening. No matter the effects, these volunteers were all there for the same reason: to serve God and the church. A Higher Calling: Hallucinogens, Volunteerism, and Service to the Church, seeks to tell their incredible stories.

Fermentation traveling exhibit


Whether it’s cheese or bread, beer or chocolate, much of the food we take in is transformed by one key process: fermentation. In many cases, before we eat or drink, tiny animals have already been nibbling our foods, fundamentally changing their nature and chemical composition. It’s a magical process, and Fermentation aims to capture the science and art of fermented food and drink.