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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get your exhibits at a lower cost?

1) Back-to-Back Bookings

If you book two Overland exhibits back-to-back, we save big time on shipping cost (because we'll be picking up the first exhibit from you and dropping off the second exhibit on the same trip). So we'll add a sizeable BACK-TO-BACK BOOKING DISCOUNT to the quote!

2) No Gap Booking Discount

We give you a discount for scheduling an exhibit immediately following another booking at any institution. This again saves us on shipping cost, so we pass that savings on to you for helping us out!

Simply request a quote for an opening date roughly one week after the previous booking ends, and we'll add a NO GAP BOOKING DISCOUNT to the quote!

3) Repeat Customer Discount

If you've hosted an Overland exhibit before, we'll give a discount for booking another of our exhibits. You'll see a REPEAT CUSTOMER DISCOUNT on the quote!

4) Referrals

Have you seen our referral program? If not, check it out! More referrals means more savings for you and them. It's a win-win!

What's the shortest amount of time I can rent an exhibit for?

So long as you're willing to pay the delivery & pickup fees, we don't have a mininum hosting period!

My space isn't exactly 1,500 sq ft. Will the exhibit fit?

Each of the Overland exhibits work well in approximately 1,500 sq ft, but don't worry if your venue is larger or smaller than that. We've split the installation between multiple rooms and into hallways, and are used to working around support posts, spaces with limited electrical access, etc. We've even managed to squeeze one exhibit into a 900 sq ft space before! The exhibits are designed to be very flexible and work in a variety of spaces, so don't worry about the 1,500 sq ft designation too much.

If you're concerned about whether the exhibit will work in your space just give us a call or send a floorplan that we can review. We'd be happy to help figure out whether the exhibit will work nicely given your space.

We’re not a museum, but we’d still like to host an Overland traveling exhibit. Is that possible?

You certainly don’t have to be a museum to host an exhibit, or even a non-profit. So long as you have the space and meet the basic security requirements, you can be a valid host. Please send us a message letting us know your situation and we’ll get the process started!

What is required to lock in our reservation?

A verbal commitment gets you started (we put the PENDING notification on the calendar), but we require a deposit and a signed hosting agreement to lock it in for sure. If you’re thinking about reserving a date, let us know and we’ll hold it for you until you can get approval for payment.

I’ve seen “Founding Institutions” listed on your exhibits before. What does that mean?

We like to recognize those that support our projects from the very beginning. So for the first few institutions that book the exhibit, we acknowledge their support by including them in the exhibit credits. It’s a small way of showing our gratitude for those that help to bring these exhibits to life!